Infant Program (as young as 6 weeks old)

The Infant Program is designed to provide a warm, caring, safe environment for the young child.  In addition to meeting the child's active physical needs, attention is given to nurturing their spirit.  The program is designed to let each child know that they are very special in this world.

Toddler Program (12 months - 2 years)

The Toddler program provides your toddler with a warm, secure, positive and challenging environment for what is usually the child's first experience away from home.  It is a comfortable place for the child to begin to explore the world.


Your child will enjoy a classroom with an ambience of calm and order. Children work at their own pace with the guidance and encouragement of the directress.  In addition to the general benefits of a Montessori Education, we foster a long list of personal qualities in the child.  Our classrooms give children easy access to a rich collection of stimulating, unique learning materials.  The school is a natural extension of the home