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Enrollment Procedure

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Call for an appointment for a visit to our school.  Meet our staff, learn about our program and ask any question that you might have about Montessori education or Abbey Montessori school.  The education of your child is very important to us.
To enroll your child, complete and return an application form with a $250.00 deposit.  The deposit is non-refundable unless your child is not accepted, but it is applicable towards tuition. Upon receipt of application, the admission procedure formally begins.  A letter of acceptance or non-acceptance is mailed prior to the beginning of the school year.  A packet of forms is mailed for the family to complete.  The forms are required by Community Care Licensing to be completed before attendance.  A copy of the tuition payment information is given.
An appointment will be made to discuss the child's interest, as well as your goals and expectations for your child.  Our interview is designed to gain more information about the family and child, as well as to share more information about our school.  We wish to determine the shared values and goals between home and school.  A positive experience for the child requires that parents and school share a common view of the purpose of education.
Visiting Day
Toddlers and Preschoolers are invited to visit for a day to be oriented toward the classroom and to determine the suitability of our program.

Q: How will I know if my child is accepted?
A: You will be notified by the admissions committee as to your acceptance and if a place is currently available.
Q: What happens if there is no available opening for my child?
A: If an opening is not currently available, you may be placed on a waiting list.  The school will inform you of a best estimate of when an opening might be available.
Q; What if I want my child to re-enroll for the following school year?
A: Enrollment is an annual process for every student in the school, both for new enrollees and continuing students.  Continuing students and siblings are given first option to enroll for the following year by submitting a deposit and completing a tuition agreement.  This usually occurs in January each year and new enrollees are accepted after the deadline.
Q: What if I decide to withdraw my child?
A: We understand that families sometimes relocate due to changes in work assignments or repatriation of expats. We try to have an exit interview with parents to assess their experience with Abbey Montessori School so that we can continuously  improve and create a better environment for each child.